Preventing Lyme Disease in Dogs

Lyme disease in dogs is spreading from New England to other parts of America, even in places like Chicago, according to Dr. Richard Goldstein, chief medical officer of Animal Medical Center.

In order to prevent further spread of the disease, the key is for screening dogs for disease by local veterinarians. Since vaccines are available, protecting your dog from this disease is much more viable now.

The disease is commonly transmitted among dogs during the fall season, which is why now is a good time to get your dog screened and vaccinated. You can learn more about it here:


A new videogame funded by the AVMA and developed by Game Gurus is available online that lets young players manage a veterinary hospital. It’s both a fun way to get kids to learn more about animal health and promote and spread awareness of veterinary medicine; a profession most kids claim to be interested in at young ages.

You can check the videogame out by clicking the image.

Researchers looking into the role of platelets in canine cancer

Veterinarians at MSU (Mississippi State University) are working better to understand how cancer spreads in canines. They hope to discover findings that lead to a better understanding of cancer in dogs as well as humans.

Scientists claim that the differences between the cancerous tumours found in canines and humans were few and that the research presented an opportunity to help both kinds of patients.

“The answers may be in blood platelets. We have a lot to gain by looking at platelets and how they influence cancer and healing,” said Dr. Camillo Bulla, assistant professor in the college’s Department of Pathobiology and Population Medicine. “The platelet is very small, but it gives us a large picture. We hope to be able to find a tumor much sooner by taking a series of blood samples to look at platelet contents.”

You can read more about this at MSU Cares.